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We have known Chuck for a number of years. He is quiet and unassuming but we have found that when he commits to something, he will do his utmost to carry it through. We've been involved in various activities in the area for many years. Over the last few years we have seen much needed renewal and growth in our communities ranging from recreation, churches and community based services.
When we lost our Curling rink that serviced many people across Hants West we were really down hearted. With the hard work of many volunteers and Chuck’s firm support at the Provincial level we were able to build one of the finest and environmentally friendly buildings in the Province. It is one that we can be proud of and it will serve the community for many years. Of all the people who promised us support to rebuild the curling rink in West Hants, Chuck was the one who really came through. It took a lot of hard work by a lot of people, but without Chuck’s support it would have been impossible.

A fantastic THANKS goes to Chuck Porter !
I want to share something that few people know about because it's not Chuck's way to go on about much of the work he does behind the scenes that has been really making a positive impact. Over the past few months, Chuck has been sponsoring a number of concerts local teens have been putting on throughout the Windsor area. With funding from Chuck to help out with hall rental when needed, these kids have been able to put on some great shows that have featured local talent and it's given the kids something to get excited about. More important, it has meant a lot to the teens to know that someone like Chuck believes in them and is willing to support them. These teens will go on to do great things and be the ones who'll give back to our community in the future the way Chuck does now. It hasn't been for votes (obviously! these kids are all too young to vote) -- it's because he believes in what the kids are doing.
"When the nomination meeting to select a successor for Ron Russell was held, I did not know Chuck Porter. However, the person I was sitting with recommended him highly, so I voted for him and have not been disappointed. He's doing a great job at getting himself out there and getting things done."
We have known Chuck for approximately 25 years. We know Chuck to be hard-working, loyal, dedicated and honest.  He has been a breath of fresh air to many of us as Chuck is not your typical politician.  Chuck and his wife have lived and worked in West Hants most all their adult lives and he knows the struggles and challenges most working citizens face, as he has worked hand-in-hand and side-by-side with many of us for many years.  From our own experience, we were faced with some ongoing, devastating news last fall. Chuck was one of the first people to call, visit and lend a helping hand, not just in words, but he regularly checked in with us, offered much help and support to us, and we often came home from hospital trips to find flowers, cards and casseroles from Chuck and Leslie.  We believe Chuck possesses and exhibits the strong traits of a true leader--the ability to genuinely care about the needs and concerns of his fellow citizens, and then to act on their behalf.  We are not ashamed to say that we both broke a century-old family tradition and voted PC for the first time for Chuck when he ran in 2006, because we believed in him and he has not disappointed us! 

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