Your MLA office is at 58 Gerrish St. Windsor
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Important things you need to know about sending and receiving your mail

You must have the following information all included when mailing letters, parcels, etc to anyone. Please see the following example:

John Doe
14 Panuke Rd
Windsor, NS B0N 2T0

You will note that it must include name, civic address as well as your rural route address, town or community and postal code to ensure that all mail is received as it should be.

Why is this important?

Example - people receiving government mail such as GST cheques, income tax returns, child tax benefits, etc. will not receive your mail if it is not properly addressed. Some issues that have occured in the past have been people listing just their RR# or mail box numbers - not both as is now required.

For further information contact Canada Post at

Hope this helps.