Your MLA office is at 58 Gerrish St. Windsor
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I want to share something that few people know about because it's not Chuck's way to go on about much of the work he does behind the scenes that has been really making a positive impact. Over the past few months, Chuck has been sponsoring a number of concerts local teens have been putting on throughout the Windsor area. With funding from Chuck to help out with hall rental when needed, these kids have been able to put on some great shows that have featured local talent and it's given the kids something to get excited about. More important, it has meant a lot to the teens to know that someone like Chuck believes in them and is willing to support them. These teens will go on to do great things and be the ones who'll give back to our community in the future the way Chuck does now. It hasn't been for votes (obviously! these kids are all too young to vote) -- it's because he believes in what the kids are doing.

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